Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bootiful Halloween Decor

October is here!  I feel like I just put out all of my Fall decor, and it's already time for Halloween.  One thing I love about the changing seasons, and holidays is changing up my home decor.  I love to have fun with Halloween decor.  My boys are all grown and living on their own.  But, I still decorate for Halloween.  It takes me out of my normal neutral decor colors and style.  I usually put most of my normal decor into storage.  I do that because if I added Halloween and Fall to my normal decor, it would just be too much.  After Halloween and Fall come down, Christmas goes up, so I will already have a clean slate ready for Christmas decor.  After Christmas decor comes down, I have a clean slate to change up my normal decor and have things fresh and new for the new year.  But, let's not get carried away!  Back to Halloween!  Let's get to the fun part!! The decor!! I hope you enjoy!!

This year I decided to have a Halloween tree.  Why not go all out Halloween?! I bought the tree for my son's apartment and decided to use it first.  He won't mind at all.  I decorated using some things I already had, and then added some really inexpensive items from Wal-Mart. It was quick and simple. 

The spooky picture on the dreaded giant TV aka, the big black box is an image I pulled up from my phone.  

I actually won a fantastic Rae Dunn giveaway on Instagram and it helped fill the empty spaces of my Rae Dunn collection.  This area is all decked out for Fall and Halloween.

The dining room also got a little spooky makeover.  I added the fun tablecloth form Tuesday Morning, some bats from Wal-Mart, a Boo sign from Hobby Lobbying my velvet pumpkins.  This is actually my favorite area.

This is my entryway.  Complete with bats, mice, witches hat and broom.  I've just blended it with my regular decor.

My home is open concept, so the kitchen had to get a little spooktacular too.  Ive added more bats and mice, some pumpkins and a few other goodies.

I encourage you to step outside of your regular decor box and have a little fun with your Halloween decor.  I think you'll have a lot of fun!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Jord Watch Contest

Hope everyone is having a great day! 

I wanted to share my go to Fall accessory with you.  When the temperature starts to cool off, I wear jeans nearly every day.  I also tend to wear darker colors in the Fall.  Black is my favorite color for Fall.  It goes with everything.  When I saw this beautiful Ebony & Iron JORD watch, from the Hyde Series, I knew it needed to be a staple for my Fall wardrobe.  I love the fact that it's a wooden watch and is made from natural materials.  It's also one of their newest designs, and it's simple and beautiful.

I love to wear chunky jewelry.  So, I actually love wearing men's watches.  This gorgeous Ebony watch from the Hyde Series fits in my wardrobe perfectly.  Paired with a black top, jeans, and a bracelet, it's stunning.  This watch is made from natural wood, and has sapphire crystal glass. It has an ultra slim design, and a metallic dial with contrasting accent.
Here's the link to shop my watch if you are interested in it:

JORD was founded in 2013, and they pride themselves in making their watches from natural materials. You know you are getting a beautiful, quality wood watch.  JORD has many different styles and designs for Men and Women.  If my watch isn't your style, they have so many to choose from.  Click the link below to see all of the beautiful watches JORD has to offer:

If you have been searching for the perfect watch for yourself, or for that special person in your life, the JORD wood watch is the perfect gift.  It makes a unique and thoughtful gift.  The packaging is done with quality and care.  Each watch comes in a beautiful wood box.

Since I'm so in love with this watch, I've teamed up with JORD watches for a contest for my readers. The WINNER will receive a $100 gift code to spend on the watch of their choice.  All other entrants will receive a $25 gift code.  The giveaway contest will end October 15th at 11:59pm.  Just a reminder, the gift codes will expire December 31, 2017.

All you have to do to enter is click this link and follow the instructions:

Good luck and I hope you will take time to enter and explore JORD's website and see all of their beautiful watches.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Beginning to Look Like Fall

We've had cooler temperatures in Texas lately.  It's made me excited to bring out my Fall decor.  I won't be putting Halloween decor out just yet.  That will have to wait until October rolls around.  

I started by putting a little Fall sitting area together in our backyard.  We enjoy sitting outside in the evening and enjoying the cooler weather.  So, why not make it look pretty?

Then, I moved inside and started decorating.  I love all of the colors for Fall.  This year I am using all of the colors!  Teals, greens, traditional orange, white, browns, all of the pretty colors! I normally use neutral colors in my decor.  So, I love pulling Fall colors into my decor for a change.

 We have a giant TV above our fireplace.  I imported a Fall picture to the TV to give the appearance of a painting, instead of a black box.  I think it looks much better with a little "art" above the fireplace.

Here is some Fall decor that I've added to the kitchen area.  The tea towel I found at Home Goods was perfect to pull all of my colors together.

Of course, I had to feature some of my growing Rae Dunn collection.  
Hope you are having fun getting your home ready for Fall too!

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Finding My Style

Something I love about the Cyber World of decor, is how it has helped me find my style.  While it's so easy to see a picture you like, and just copy what someone else has done, it doesn't always work for you and your home.  When we bought this home, we downsized by 900 sq ft.  We still have 4 bedrooms, because I wanted a room for each son when they come home.  We did lose a formal living room and formal dining room.  Honestly, I don't miss either one.

Our home in the country was decorated very farmhouse and country.  It fit the style of the home and the area of the home.  We did live right in front of a cotton field.  Then, we moved to a larger town and a more traditional home.  Again, I altered my decor to fit the home.  I went much more traditional and a little bit Tuscan.  Which brings me to our current home.

This home has a cottage feel to me.  I love that.  My heart has always gravitated toward cottage, shabby, french country, and now a little bit of farmhouse style.  I guess I let the house sort of dictate my style.  Since we were buying a new build, I was able to follow the style that I feel is my true style.

I am still changing things up a little bit, but with each room, and each change (or mistake) I am feeling like this is home.  Here are a few photos of our home so you can see my current style.

This is our entryway.  It's not very large, so I used this small table.  I also painted it white to lighten it up a little bit.  That seems to be what I am doing with a lot of my decor.  Painting things white and lightening things up.

This is our kitchen.  I love the big island, the white cabinets and the black glass subway tile back splash.  That's one of the reasons I am using a lot of simple black and white decor.

This is our dining room.  I added the settee to our dining table so that we would have a lot more room in our dining room.  Plus, it's a cozy spot to sit and visit after a good meal.

There is a sample of what our home is looking like, and how I am finding my style in this current home.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

How I Sold My House In Under 24 Hours

Before I move on to posting about my new house, I wanted to share some tips on how we sold our house in under 24 hours.

Let me start by saying, this is what worked for us.  I am not a Professional Stager.  There were several factors involved.  First, we hired a knowledgeable, energetic Realtor.  She had a good network with other Realtors in town, which was so important.  She knew the market in our town very well, and had educated herself on our home.  The next part was up to me.  Here is everything I did to get the house ready to be put on the market.

Here's what I did on the outside:
Cleaned up all of the flowerbeds front and back.  I also added new mulch were it was needed.  I seeded a few bald spots in our lawn as well.  I also did a walk around of the property touching up any paint on the outside of the house.  I added fresh plants to pots, and thoroughly washed the patios.  Also, made sure windows were nice and clean.

Here's everything I did on the Inside:
Touch up paint woodwork.  I also painted any rooms that didn't have a neutral paint color.  I removed ALL of our family photos.  Buyers can't feel like it's going to be their home if your family photos are everywhere.  I thinned out a lot of my home decor.  This can be tricky, you don't want the house to feel stark and cold, but you don't want it to be too cluttered.  Again, they need to be able to picture themselves and their things in your home. I simply boxed up a lot of things and put them in a neat corner in the garage.  CLEAN!!! I mean, get on the floor and clean, get on a ladder and CLEAN!!! You want your house to sparkle.  I also took this opportunity to clean out cabinets, and closets.  Don't forget the garage, and any storage buildings too.  Buyers will look at everything!! 

So, before you have the realtor to your home to list, and take photos, here's what you do next.  This is the fun staging part.  If you are not sure how to do this, look at Pinterest at staged homes, or go look at model homes in your town.  Put out your best towels, or buy new if you need too.  I went the extra step and tied mine with pretty ribbon.  

Make the beds look crisp and freshly made.  Straighten any decorative pillows and throw blankets.  

Add a soft homey fragrance.  I used wax burners, because I won't be at the house while it's shown, and didn't want to use candles.   I didn't add too many, because you don't want potential buyers to be overwhelmed with fragrance.  The last little step I did, was to put some soft, quiet Jazz music on in the background.  It just gives the house that extra cozy feeling.  Last, but not least, clean up in the yard after your pets before you show the house.  You don't want them to step in doggy poo.  Also, take your pets with you when the house is being shown.  It may make the pets nervous seeing strangers in their home without you there.  Not everyone likes pets, and buyers may be turned off if pets are there while they are looking at the house.  Also, you don't want them to accidentally let your pets out of the house or yard.  Last, before you leave the house for it to be shown, turn on all of your lights and lamps.  You want the house to be bright and cheery!

That's it!! Again, I'm not an expert!! This is what worked for us to sell our house in less than 24 hours.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I'M BACK! Changes & Updates Happening to My Blog

Where in the world have I been??  
I won't bore you with all of the details, after all, you are here for home decor.  Let's just say that life happened and it needed this Mom and Wife's attention 100%.  Now, I've eased back into the Cyber world by joining the huge decor world on Instagram.  That has been so much fun, and I've met so many new friends in the decor community there.  I hope you will find and follow me there.  The link is in the right hand column of my blog.  Being on Instagram urged me to get back into my blog, which is where my journey began.

I am not going to delete my old posts.  I have too many fun projects that are close to my heart posted here. I will be focusing more on House and Home, and less on lifestyle type subjects.  

We don't live in the same house that we use to, in fact, we've moved twice.  Life has moved pretty fast for my family over the last few years.  I loved living in the country with that beautiful cotton field in front of our home.  But, I don't miss all of the rattlesnakes, and other critters that came to visit our home.

Our boys got older, and the needs of our family changed, so we made a huge change to a much larger city that met all of the needs of our boys lives.  I also got the fixer upper that challenged me like crazy.  Here are pictures of our next home, and the home that turned me into a temporary contractor, and busy DIYer. This home hadn't been loved in a very long time.

This was our next home.  There wasn't one inch of this house that I didn't touch.  It was a true labor of love.  We bought it because I wanted the challenge.  Would I ever do it again, probably not.  While we hired someone for plumbing, major electrical, roof, counters, and flooring, two of my sons and I did everything else.  While I was busy finishing the house, my boys were getting on with their adult lives and moving on.  We decided to make another move closer to where my husband works.  The realtor came over, listed the house, and in 19 hours!!!!! Yes, 19 hours, the house was sold!!!!

I will be writing a post on how I staged the house, and how we sold it so fast.
Here are some pictures from this house.

 I went with pretty traditional decor in this house.  It just seemed to fit the style of the house.

Loved the big walk-in pantry! 

I painted all of the interior and exterior doors black.  There were 22 doors.  They were beautiful, But, I won't ever do that again.

So, that's basically what I've been doing.  When we sold this house, we found a partially completed new construction home that we loved.  I was so excited, because I wasn't ready to makeover another house.  We lost about 900 sq ft.  But, we were buying our Empty Nester home.  We do still have enough rooms for all of the boys to come visit.  We just don't have a formal living or dining room.  This is our new home.  The home where I am currently finding my new style.  

Thank you for anyone who is still following my blog.  I hope you will join in my journey to find my style in our new little cottage.